Knowledge Centre for Migration and Demography launch, 20 Jun, Brussels

On 20 June THP will attend the launch of the Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in Brussels.

On the timely occasion of World Refugee Day, this event will bring together policy makers, analysts and researchers from the European Commission, other EU institutions, European and international organisations, think tanks and academia to launch the European Commission’s Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography.

The event shall underline the scope and aims of the Knowledge Centre to provide tangible, internally validated responses to these needs: on the one hand centralising, putting in context and making comparable the relevant knowledge while on the other distilling, qualifying and tailoring it to serve the different EU policies with the most appropriate information.

In doing this, the knowledge centre will also contribute to identify existing knowledge gaps and areas requiring more focused research and studies.

For more details and the launch event programme please see: