THP Global Hearing Report 2012

Summary of results from the THP Global Hearing

Global Hearing Report 2012 Cover

Global Hearing Report 2012

On 4 and 5 June 2012 over 200 people came together at The Hague Process Global Hearing on Refugees and Migration in The Hague, The Netherlands, to discuss pressing issues in refugee and migration policy.  They came from over 60 different states and from all continents.  National, regional and local government, business, the private sector, trade unions, cities, international organizations, NGOs, civil society, faith groups, academia, and the media were all represented. In plenary sessions and working groups, the participants identified challenges, discussed innovative solutions, and considered the full range of relevant actors and perspectives, focusing on five key themes: the impact of future demographic changes related to labour migration and refugees; political and social changes; the impact of the global economy; the urbanization of displaced people; and the impact of environmental and climate change on human mobility.  The discussions encompassed internal and international migration and included asylum seekers, refugees, and internally displaced persons.

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