Towards an Inclusive Approach to Citizenship: Local Covenants for Non-Discriminatory and Equal Opportunities in Access to Employment

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Partners: The Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR), Municipality of Copenhagen, City of The Hague, Compagnia di San Paolo, ICCO, Oxfam Novib. 

date: 16 – 18 october 2007


Can innovative policies and covenants be designed which guarantee the effective protection and inclusion of all city residents? Is access to the labour market and employment the key driver for the empowerment and participation of migrants and refugees? What is the place of human rights in the city? How can we move towards their effective realization? Can cities pave the way for a new approach to citizenship? Should and will local policymakers and stakeholders deepen a legitimate say in the highly sensitive (im)migration and inclusion debates as they unfold at the national, regional and international level ?

With specific attention to the challenges faced by migrants and refugees, these are some of the pressing questions addressed in this international workshop with policymakers from the municipalities of CopenhagPostsen, Johannesburg, Lyon, Malmö, The Hague, and Toronto, along with migrant and refugee organisations, NGO representatives and international experts (ILO, UNESCO, UN-HABITAT).

The meeting was organised under the ´Big Cities Initiative´ of The Hague Process on Refugees and Migration which aims to explore the role large cities can play in the formation and delivery of effective and sustainable migration and refugee policies in line with the larger human rights and development agenda.

The key findings from the workshop can be found in the Final Report.

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