ROI for Businesses on Migration

The Hague Process on Refugees and Migration (THP) is currently conducting a study applying return on investment (ROI) metrics to the migration opportunity for businesses, with the aim of tackling the existing barriers to the private sector’s active and effective involvement in this field. This study is being conducted in collaboration with the Turkish Chairmanship of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) and is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The study will be presented at the summit of the GFMD in Istanbul in October 2015.

This project follows on from THP’s cooperation with the Swedish Chairmanship of the GFMD in 2013-2014.¬†THP, together with the International Organization of Employers (IOE), the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Council for Global Immigration and other contributing partners, conducted a mapping study to ascertain business practices, perspectives, and values with respect to global mobility, as well as the private sector‚Äôs position on the concept of engagement with governments in migration policy.

Results indicate that businesses face seven main barriers in engagement with migration issues:

1) Businesses consider the issue too risky

2) Businesses are not convinced of their role or its potential

3) Businesses have no time or interest in the issue

4) The slow political process

5) Capacity to influence policy and migration management

6) Lack of awareness on the topic

7) Local legislation 

These results highlight that despite ongoing efforts to bring the private sector into the migration discussion; barriers persist and must be addressed.

The study also identifies that risk management and cost benefits evaluation were central concerns for business leaders. Further, it recommends that demonstrating return on investment is an urgent priority and the dissemination of evidence-based regional and global data indicating benefits from talent flow is essential.

Download the full report.

For more information about the ROI for Businesses on Migration initiative please contact:
Teressa Juzwiak, Research Coordinator
Tel: +31 (0)10 7118988

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