Oxford Journals: Migration Studies

THP has increasingly focused on observing the utilization of the social capital of migrants.Ā  In a similar light, Oxford Journals has commenced the publication of ā€˜Migration Studiesā€™ in March of 2013.Ā  We will be following ā€˜Migration Studiesā€™ closely as our work progresses and we enjoy the content thoroughly.

THP would like to highlight this new article from Alejandro Portes and Jessica Yiu provides new and interesting insights into the entrepreneurship of migrants.Ā  Portes and Yiu review the debate on economic and social consequences of immigrant entrepreneurship as well as theories advanced to explain different levels of self- employment among immigrant and ethnic minorities. `They examine the impact of pro- fessional and entrepreneurial migration on sending countries from the viewpoint of traditional theories of the brain drain as well as from that of the more recent transnational perspective. Lastly they present the latest data on the effects of self- employment on income levels for various immigrant and ethnic groups. Results confirm the conclusion of a consistently positive net effect, both for annual incomes and hourly earnings. Implications of these results for theories of immigrant adaptation and policies implemented by sending and receiving countries are discussed.

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To read the article from Oxford Journals click on the the cover of ‘Migration Studies’

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