The 22nd of November 2012 marked the tenth anniversary of the ‘Declaration of The Hague on the Future of Refugee and Migration Policy’. This concise document identifies 21 key principles constituting a comprehensive approach to the migration and refugee challenge, and ideas for innovative international ways forward. More than 500 global experts were consulted to develop the ‘Declaration’, from governments, migrant and refugee organisations, NGOs, faith groups, academics and business. It was endorsed by leading international figures, including the then UN Secretary-General Mr. Kofi Annan.

Our starting point is to re-think the long term interests of states and societies as well as the aspirations and needs of people on the move …With good international co-operation, managed migration offers great potential, while one of the international community’s major goals for the future should be to make the right and the option of remaining in one’s own country viable for all.

(Preamble, Declaration of The Hague on the Future of Refugee and Migration Policy, 2002)

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