Labor Migrant Integration through Cities and Business

In cities across the world, businesses are often not finding the skilled labor they need.  This does not mean that skilled individuals are not present in these cities.  In metropolises on every continent highly skilled migrant laborers are unable to connect with the companies in need of their services and vice-versa.

Cities of Migration’s New Report provides a good start to relevant policies and municipal leaders.

Policy to Practice

Click on the image for a .pdf version of the report

For our first blog discussion on our new and improved website we would like to pose the following questions:  What are the fundamental strategies that cities and businesses need to employ in order to connect with the skilled labor migrant workforce to the benefit of each party?  What are the best practices for migrant labor integration you have witnessed in cities around the world?  Is there currently a forum in major cities that successfully integrates the municipal and business leadership with the goal of successfully incorporating migrant labor?

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