Business-City Partnership Programme: Rotterdam Pilot

Partners: dUTCH mINISTRY OF fOREIGN AFFAIRS, cITY OF rOTTERDAM, Port of Rotterdam Authority, Strategy&

date: 2013-2015


Building on THP’s experiencesRotterdam small with conducting Expert Consultations with the private sector and cities, THP identified the need to form partnerships between the private sector and cities to address migration challenges specific to the city in question.

A first pilot project was launched to facilitate the formation of such a partnership in the city of Rotterdam. THP, the Port of Rotterdam, the City of Rotterdam and Erasmus University focused on creating partnerships, or pathways of cooperation, between city government and local businesses for the purpose of improving migration and labour market outcomes in Rotterdam.

This two year programme was forward looking, had a long-term focus and was co-funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the City of Rotterdam, the Port of Rotterdam Authority, and Strategy&.

The results of this study contributed to the creation of M-Capital, a social venture founded as a subsidiary of THP, and its Migrant Training and Placement Programme.

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