3rd Expert Consultation for Business and Cities on Migration and Urbanisation, Manila

location, manila, the philippines
date: march 2012


The topic of migration is key in understanding social and economic realities in the Philippines. Many dimensions of the phenomenon are the subject of various national, regional and local initiatives. To address the issue of migration from primarily a business and cities perspective, however, added a new level of engagement. THP’s initiative to organise an Expert Consultation in cooperation with IDEALS and hosted by THP Board Member Doris Magsaysay offered a unique occasion for a broad selection of representatives from local government, the private sector and civil society to exchange best practices, discuss dilemmas and forge new partnerships for practical cooperation. The consultation allowed participants to showcase existing initiatives and to progressively debate the ambiguities of the migration realities ranging from social costs to economic opportunities. An important insight was that migration is not a temporary phase society has to go through, but a persistent feature that will not go away and has to be dealt with in all its aspects.


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